Leigh Cain Creative | About

Leigh Cain Creative Ltd is a London based company specialising in worldwide exhibition and museum design.

We know how to engage visitors by listening carefully to clients and responding with beautiful ideas that enhance the stories.

Clear interpretation using beautifully designed graphics, playful, informative interactives and immersive audio visual combine to bring stories and objects alive. We place ourselves in the position of the visitor; how would we best understand and enjoy complex and multi-layered subjects? With expert spacial planning, sensitive lighting, and stylish design, our projects are world class.

Leigh Cain Creative was founded by Leigh Cain in 2014 after almost seven years as Head of Design and Exhibitions at the Museum of London and a previous seven years experience in the museum, exhibition and visitor attraction sector.

With a BA Hons degree in Interior Design and more than twenty years of professional experience in commercial 3d design and interior architecture, Leigh not only has unique first hand experience in operational museums, but also of how commercial design, creativity and environments are successfully created.

With a long leading role in museums and as a 3d designer, Leigh is able to call on a wealth of museum consultants and resources to work with in close collaboration. If you already have a team set up, Leigh will likely have worked with or previously engaged most of them.

A designer much respected for her work in museums, exhibitions and interiors, Leigh is a highly creative, practical and original thinker and ensures that budgets and programmes are adhered to and respected.