Leigh Cain Creative | Ethos

Leigh Cain Creative is a creative enterprise stemming from a life of making marks, designing, drawing, painting, writing and making. Original creativity is one goal, another is to deliver the client’s dream efficiently, always with the visitor in mind. It is from this perspective that we design.

Visualising the aims of the client team using storyboards, pencil sketches, computer drawings, mood boards, sample boards and colour palettes comes naturally and easily after many years as a commercial designer. Working firsthand amongst world class curators and museum staff, Leigh Cain Creative also understands how museums operate and can empathise with the need for curators crucial editing and refining.

Numerous successful collaborations with the museum industry’s specialists means Leigh Cain Creative has fast access to world class audio visual designers, film-makers, interactive and model makers, set works contractors and lighting designers. Leigh Cain Creative is particularly interested in lighting methods and effects and believes that excellent lighting design is worth the investment.

Budgets and timetables are always adhered to, Leigh Cain Creative understands the importance of deadlines, and can boast that in thirty years of design all projects have been delivered on time and under budget. Project management skills come to the fore and Leigh Cain Creative is practical and businesslike as well as sensitively tuned to the aesthetic.

Ultimately, beautiful and meaningful objects are the jewels of successful museum design and exhibitions. Design should be supportive, not interruptive, interpretation should never overwhelm the collection and always be appropriate. Creating clear messages and inspiring visitors is the aim of Leigh Cain Creative.